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Historical Evolution

In 2011, the company founder for nanjing science and technology talents entrepreneurship program (" 321 "program) to support key projects.

Treasure rock automation co., LTD. Was set up in 2012, nanjing, in the same year set up a research and development of the district engineering technology center.

After more than 2013, the company in assessing vc, introduce risk investment institutions - nanjing study venture investment enterprises, set up a standardized modern enterprise system, the honest code of honor legal business.

In 2013, nanjing treasure rock automation co., LTD and nanjing normal university to build "3 d printing application of nanjing industry innovation center" by the nanjing science and technology commission approved the establishment, with a total investment of 20 million yuan, has been built for operation by the end of 2013. Such as nanjing mayor MiaoRuiLin nearly leading comrades visited the innovation center.

In 2013, nanjing treasure rock automation co., LTD and nanjing normal university, jiangsu zijin electronics group co., LTD. Jointly apply for the "3 d equipment manufacturing and the key laboratory of jiangsu province", approved by the department of jiangsu province was established in July 2013, the laboratory for the present domestic the field the only one for 3 d printing industry professional research and development institutions, with a total investment of 16 million yuan.

In 2013, the company won the nanjing science and technology progress third prize.

In 2014, the company was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises.

In 2015, hangzhou in the first 3 d nanjing treasure rock automation technology co., LTD., strategic investment, be the first big shareholder nanjing treasure rock automation. Hangzhou in the first 3 d technology is a professional comprehensive solution ? 3 d digital technology

In 2016, the company increased the new strategic product line, including three dimensional laser processing system, three-dimensional vision system, low temperature alloy powder 3 d printing system and so on. Repositioning of the company is: domestic commercial grade is the leading company of 3 d printing.

The company is a national high-tech enterprises, is currently applied for more than 20 national patents, licensing of 19. Development with independent intellectual property rights of the main products of 3 d printing series (color material powder 3 d printers, low alloy powder 3 d printers), fused deposition 3 d printer, laser processing series (laser engraving, laser sand blasting, laser cladding, laser marking, laser cutting), three dimensional imaging series (3 d camera, 3 d scanner), etc.