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Green Casting

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  3D printing equipment USES is increasing material manufacturing technology, namely USES the material is "layered manufacturing, accumulate step by step" method of making real parts, it combines computer graphics, digital information control, laser technology, mechanical and electrical technology and materials technology and so on many high technology advantage, can be used to improve the product manufacturing process, greatly shorten the research and development and production process.




In many 3d printing, three-dimensional printing (3dp technology) has the forming speed, forming material price low, do not need support and forming process, remove excess powder materials is convenient, particularly suited to do inner cavity complicated prototype, the most suitable for combining with casting process, realize the industrialization application. 3dp technology, mainly used for casting sand mold directly printing, make traditional casting mould manufacturing in the type, shape, core making, such as all four process by a process instead of 3d printing.



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