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Cultural Creativity

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Digital era, the need to ceramic, glass, sand and gravel, bronze material such as digital design, the perfect present, traditional art processing yield is low, the Lao shifu, less 3 dp can overcome ceramics, glass and other silicate materials to processing and difficult problem of 3 d printing.

A, the protection of cultural relics:

All historical relics and monuments are the crystallization of the wisdom of his predecessors, however due to the fragility of cultural relics itself, with the passage of time, are suffering from varying degrees of destruction and damage. If the protection of historical relics effectively, repair, reconstruction, research and communication, is a realistic problem in front of all wenbo workers.

Cultural relics protection technology have been advancing with The Times, involving many ? subjects such as physics, chemistry, materials





B, art design.









C, film and television animation:








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