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  • 产品名称: MP400
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  • Shelf time: 2016-11-18
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  A1: strong material development ability; ceramic powder, metal powder, all kinds of sand material, furan resin adhesive, alcohol based adhesive, UV glue. (all materials are customized or open source):


  A2: good precision, high strength, moderate air volume, smooth surface, no obvious step;



  A3: multiple functions

  Can produce all kinds of casting wax mold and sand mold casting industry, combined with the traditional perfect, truly making core without opening the mold, greatly shorten the industry R & D and production cycle of casting parts。


Equipment name / type

3D Sand printer/MP-400  

Molding size


Shaping resolution


Layer thickness


Feeding mode

Powder feeding trough

Molding material

All kinds of sand, ceramic powder, metal powder, glass powder

operating system

Windows 7

control software

3D MP printing software system

data format

STL file or other convertible format

Power and power consumption

220V 1.5kw

ambient temperature

working temperature10-40℃


system configuration



system configuration


Array type nozzle

Ink jet system

Air and ink double circulation, high precision negative pressure control anti hanging glue

Molding room


Feeding device

Powder feeding trough automatic feeding, powder spreading roller

control unit

Intelligent electronic control card

Nozzle heating

Automatic temperature control of temperature field

Operation control

Ethernet interface, computer control, remote operation can be achieved




software configuration

Slicing software (independent research and development3DPSlice  )

Three dimensional visualization, dimension measurement, rotation, displacement

Slice TIC, BMP format output

Process monitoring, print length calculation

Control software (BAOYAN3DP)

Basic attachment

Supporting brush

Sand platform (including the air pump)

Automatic sand screening machine

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Convection drying box


Material Science

Powder material

Depending on the specific circumstances of the supply or purchase from the market on their own


Depending on the specific circumstances of the open source or supply


Technological process

The sand casting is introduced as follows:

1, according to the casting process selection of sand material and matching binder

2, the design of sand casting or according to the model of automatic generation of sand, saved as STL format

3, slicing software section, according to the complexity of setting sand layer thickness

4, printer

5, sand, sand casting surface treatment, smear sealing glue, type

6, casting

7, casting postprocessing (blast, heat treatment, grinding etc.)

8, get the finished product

Material molding research

Metal casting

Art field

Green casting

Green casting

Green casting

Green casting

Architectural decoration

Architectural decoration

Mobius house

Mobius house

Mobius house

Huizhou ancient architecture in 2012, after the reconstruction field scanning

Three dimensional scanning field of ancient buildings

Large space 3D scanner

Large space 3D scanner

Cultural creativity

Cultural creativity

Art design

Art design

Art design

Art design

Film and television animation

Film and television animation

Film and television animation

Film and television animation

  1, Hangzhou, a decoration company to do Buddha crafts。

 Process: the first three-dimensional scanner to scan the entity Buddha figure data obtained, as shown in Figure 1:



Figure 1 3D figure of Buddha

  Can be seen from Figure 1, the overall shape of the Buddha is more complex, especially the hair parts, difficult to deal with traditional crafts. But in the case of 3D printing, this complex part of the structure is the advantage. Get the 3D data map, slicing, slice, layered software, material selection process of furan resin + silica sand for printing. The printed sample is shown in Figure 2.:



Figure 2. Samples of the actual print

  As can be seen from Figure 2, the printing effect is good, the formation of various parts of the higher accuracy, the size of the Buddha is 123*180*122, volume 1015 cubic meters, the material cost of 50 yuan。

  2, a casting factory in Anhui turbine disk shape

  3D print saves other steps can achieve rapid manufacturing mold, no mold precision mold casting factory to save the development cycle of new products, the first sample can be completed within a week. The 3 is for customers to print out in the sand。



Figure 3 roller coated sand disk shape